LED Drivers

LEO Industries believes we provide a total solution for your LED driver needs. At LEO Industries we offer a diverse range of switching power supplies from AC-DC power supplies to DC-DC converter solutions.

The primary advantage of switching-mode power supplies is they can accomplish power conversion and regulation at close to 100% efficiency if given the ideal parts and quality of parts. All power loss is due to less than ideal parts and the power loss in the control circuitry.

Besides offering a selected range of LED drivers, LEO Industries also offers services to design customized LED drivers for special specifications and needs. With our experienced field of engineers, LEO Industries is well positioned to cater to your every design requirements. We also design highly efficient LED drivers applying state-of-the art concepts like building an LED driver without incorporating any Elyt capacitors. We specialize in meeting unusual requirements and that's what engineering is all about.

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Our LED driver solution offers functionality and a cost effective means to incorporate into a total LED lighting design. Click here to view our existing range of LED drivers

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