Green Tech

LED/Solar Solution

At LEO Industries, we advocate green concepts for every product designed. As a leading energy product manufacturer, LEO Industries have developed a range of products to enhance the energy saving capabilities of our selected range of LED Lighting and other electronic products.

Solar Charger/ Inverter

With an eco-friendly concept, LEO Industries is pleased to introduce our latest model of Solar Charger/ Inverter to our consumers. This exciting new product is highly popular with consumers requiring solar energy solution with an AC power output for general purpose energy power consumption.

LEO Industries' Solar charger/ Inverter is suitable for outdoor purposes to power up Lighting products, computers TVs and many more electronic products.

Solar Power Pack

LEO Industries is proud to introduce a range of high-tech portable power pack suitable for high power solar charging. The power pack has charging capabilities via solar energy, AC adaptor or automotive power.

Coupled with 3 types of power outlets, ranging from 6V, 12V plus USB connections, the power pack is design for a wide range of use to provide power for emergency lighting, camping purposes, mobile devices and other commercial, industrial, military and recreational purposes.

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