Intelligent Lighting

Staying ahead with the latest applications for intelligent homes, LEO Industries and its partners are developing a series of Intelligent Lighting control systems. LEO adopted the eco-friendly approach, by conserving energy through optimized lighting conditions.

At LEO, we design our lighting series based on a "building block" approach that has the flexibility, scalability as well as the style to create an unlimited range of dynamic lighting products. To create the right ambience, our luminaire caters to different levels of colour temperature and brightness. Different settings can be programmed within any room to suit the difference in environment.

As a unique feature, the latest range of LEO's products has the possibility to change the Color Temperature of light (CCT) via wireless remote control. Upon customer request, selected models can be equipped with Light, Presence, Motion, Temperature and Humidity sensors for use in energy saving configurations (HAN).

The wireless remote control feature is bi-directional, i.e. it controls the luminaire's (CCT, Dimming, On/Off, Timer, etc) and displays back on its LCD display the remote environment conditions, luminaire's power consumption and temperature of the LED light engine. All products have several built-in levels of protections to ensure the luminaire's guaranteed life time and environmental safety.

LEO Industries' intelligent lighting includes features to:
  • Integrates weather sensors and motion detectors to dim or turn off lights when a room is unoccupied or dimming function accordance to the required ambience.
  • Reduces the demands of the heating and cooling systems by regulating the amount of natural light infiltration.
  • Provides you with total lighting control by being able to remotely check and control lighting status throughout the house while away from home using your mobile device.
  • Dimming function that can dim your lights, e.g. by 50% to reduce energy costs. Set your lights to automatically to dimming, turn on/ off at certain time or when predetermined lighting condition is detected.
With this intelligent lighting control, it gives a good level of control that goes far beyond the ability for user to easily adjust their home's lighting, shades, and thermostat settings. These eco-friendly features also translate to additional energy saving as the luminaire lights up only when required.

Lucifer Series

Together with our partners, developments are underway for a new series of Intelligent Lighting. LEO will schedule launches of the Lucifer series for both commercial and residential applications in 2011.

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We see great potential for use of our designs by light architects, system integrators, and interior designers due to its versatility, modularity and special remote control features.

All products are designed with environment, cost and customer's needs on mind. With the modular design of the product, we could customize luminaries for particular unique features that best suit our client.