LED Design Consultation

LEO Industries provide professional consultation services tackling all issues involving LED Lighting. We have an in-depth wealth of knowledge from concept to design and finally assembly.

Image description Basic LED Design Solution

The above illustrates how LEO applies our LED design capabilities and expertise and incorporates it into a complete solution.

Image description LEO's LED Driver Design Solution

The above graph illustrates how LEO incorporates different LED driver solution to suit different design and cost requirements of the customer.

Lens & Reflectors:

At LEO, we tackle key LED industry issues from:
Power Efficiency
Light Intensity measurements
Thermal Management of LEDs
Brand Assurance of LEDs
LED Optics
Colour Temperature Management
Colour Rendering of Lighting
LED dimming and control
Luminous Maintenance
Heat Sink Design
Selection/Design of LED Driver
Cost Savings Analysis
... and many more

If you have a concept or design, LEO will provide professional opinion to help fulfill and complete your final design concept while providing a cost effective solution.