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Building owners and tenants have an array of options to choose from as they retrofit their spaces to become more energy efficient. But enhancing a lighting system's efficiency - and effectiveness - requires far more than simply exchanging one type of lamp for a more efficient one. In fact, unless its done well, retrofitting or replacing a lighting system may cause more problems than it solves.

So what is the first step in designing, customizing, retrofitting, or replacing a lighting system? Find a good retrofitting lighting designer. Experienced designers can create concepts that are ideally suited to the tasks that are performed or are likely to be performed in the space.

The new lighting package should be designed to be easily installed onto the existing light fixture and with minimal labour resources. A hard to retrofit light package can cost more than a new fixture if large amount of manpower is needed or it can be a terrible mistake if not done properly.

At LEO Industries, we are a one stop LED solutions provider. We provide services from lighting consultancy, design of LED light fixture, LED management and more. Click here to learn more about our services: LED Design Consultation & Retrofitting of Light Fitting.

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