Product Design/Build

Product Design

Our essential strengths are industrial, mechanical, manufacturing, and engineering of electronics products. We are strong proponents of design for manufacturability as it drives down costs while reducing your time-to-market, which in turn increases your products life cycle revenue potential. Product innovation, design and production.

Product Box-Build

The plastic box for an instrument or product is an integral part of its design, playing a key role in its looks, presentation, value and quality perception. its important to choose an electronic enclosure that creates and projects the right image for both the product and the purpose it represents.

The plastic box should complement and enhance the product look and design as well as protect its internal electronics. Durability and protection of the electronics that it houses are also important considerations in the selection of an plastic enclosure.

LEO plastic electronic enclosures have all of these desirable features like; attractive, rugged and low cost. These advantages make LEO plastic enclosures the most logical choice for all your enclosures needs - from prototype to production. All of our products are RoHs compliant.

"I will work with you from building the basic specification to the design and manufacturing process. We can put our resources to work for you to develop innovative products and even provide fulfillment and technical support to your customers."

LEO R&D Department